Boatowners as Citizen Scientists: SeaKeepers joins Clean Sailors and Cleaner Marina to Promote Global Citizen Science

Cleaner Marina and SeaKeepers

The International SeaKeepers Society joins forces with Clean Sailors and Cleaner Marina to inspire and encourage the global boating community towards Citizen Science and sustainable boating practices.

This new partnership underlines the commitment that SeaKeepersClean Sailors, and Cleaner Marina all have to improve research and action for cleaner waters. The shared goal is to encourage the global boating community to get involved in Citizen Science initiatives through research opportunities and educational programs; And to adopt best practices for those on the water as outlined in SeaKeepers’ A Green Guide to Boating. Together, they will demonstrate the impact the global boating community can have on advancing marine research, conservation and education.

To help enable this, Cleaner Marina and SeaKeepers will work with  the marina community through SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yacht Program, which aims to help safeguard the future health of the ocean. This dynamic partnership will offer free online resources that support and encourage the protection of our marine ecosystems for marinas, ports and harbours across the globe.


Gill Rodrigues, Lead of International Partnerships at SeaKeepers, comments:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Holly and her team at Clean Sailors. Together we see an urgent need to inspire future generations to safeguard the ocean we all love and adopt green boating practices. It will be a privilege to collaborate with sailors both here in the UK  , and all over the world, in our shared mission to research, educate, protect and restore the ocean through the SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yacht Program. 

Clean Sailors has harnessed the support of international marine industry partners through their Cleaner Marina initiative. Marinas around the world are pivotal guardians of cleaner waters and their support is essential as today’s leaders in ocean conservation. Together with SeaKeepers’ Marina Program, we are joining forces to further inspire this global community,  committed to a cleaner and healthier ocean for all.”


Holly Manvell, founder of, of Clean Sailors and Cleaner Marina, comments:

“Educating and providing cleaner solutions and opportunities for sailors and  marinas around the world is exactly what we, Clean Sailors, are about. Working with SeaKeepers is both a big compliment and a great opportunity for us to build the largest and most ambitious global citizen science platform in boating and marine.That we, as sailors, can help contribute to the incredible field that is science and oceanographic research is just awesome, and I’m super proud that we can work with our friends at SeaKeepers to provide this.” 


About SeaKeepers

The International SeaKeepers Society promotes oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community. Providing educational resources and hands-on marine science experiences to students is the primary focus for ensuring the future wellbeing of our planet. SeaKeepers enables the yachting community to take full advantage of their unique potential to advance marine sciences and raise awareness about global ocean issues.

About Clean Sailors

Clean Sailors is a not-for-profit, mobilising the global sailing community in conservation of our oceans. Launched in July 2020, Clean Sailors' mission is to set a new standard of sailing within our global sailing community: clean sailing, by raising awareness of ocean conservation opportunities within our sport, our passion, our pastime.

The crew's aim is to make an ocean ambassador of each and every sailor around the world, and Clean Sailor’s already counts three-time world champion and four-time Paralympian Hannah Stodel, as well as CJ Perez, the youngest ever sailor to join the SailGP league, as ambassadors to their cause.

Clean Sailors counts Henri-Lloyd, Junior Offshore Group (JOG), Waterhaul, Boatfolk, Ecoworks, the Ocean Cruising Club, Finsulate, Yachting International Radio and, amongst its early supporters.

About Cleaner Marina

Cleaner Marina is an initiative by Clean Sailors, a coalition to encourage and support the global sailing and marine industries in better protecting our waters. Launched in 2021 with industry partners including boatfolk, MDL Marinas, savvy navvy and Ecoworks Marine, Cleaner Marina works to encourage better, cleaner standards across marinas, ports and harbours, globally. It’s a coalition to encourage and support the global sailing and marine industries in better protecting our waters.