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Seven sailing organisations join forces to support and champion marinas as guardians of cleaner waters, launching free, online resource - Cleaner marina.


Seven sailing organisations, including boatfolk, a marina group who manage 11 sites in the UK, join forces to support and champion marinas as guardians of cleaner waters worldwide, launching free online resource, Cleaner marina.

boatfolk, savvy navvy, Ecoworks marine, Clean Sailors, the Ocean Cruising Club, The SeaCleaners founded by Franco-Swiss sailor Yvan Bourgnon and Finsulate have teamed up as the first cross-industry partners to support marinas as guardians of cleaner waters around the world.

Initiated by Clean Sailors, the aim of the Cleaner marina movement is to inspire, encourage and create a community of marinas around the world who are implementing practices which help to safeguard the health of our waters.

Launching a free, online resource at www.cleanermarina.com which details simple steps that any marina, port or harbour authority can take to help protect our marine ecosystems, the aim of Cleaner marina and partners is to champion inspiring activity of marinas around the world and encourage others in the same.

The early supporters look forward to supporting marinas and the wider sailing community in protecting our oceans.


On initiating Cleaner marina, Holly Manvell, founder of Clean Sailors comments:

“For thousands of years marinas, ports and harbours have been our gateways to adventure and our resting places, and play a really important role in helping our boating and marine community keep our waters clean and healthy. We've been super inspired by the work of some marinas around the world and want to help champion and inspire others in the same.”


On supporting Cleaner marina, Yvan Bourgnon, sailor and founder of The SeaCleaners, comments:

“The environment is everyone's business, boaters, tourists, sailors... We must therefore embark with the environment in mind. In my opinion, the principle of freedom of navigation implies the freedom to engage in activities without harming nature. So, we respect the sea, the oceans as well as the marinas. A marina is meant to be clean! Floating rubbish, oil-sprayed water, foul smells... apart from respecting the wildlife, a clean marina is as important for the people on board the boats as it is for those who come to enjoy its docks.”


On supporting Cleaner marina, Dominic Zammit, Director at boatfolk, comments:

“At boatfolk, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As a boating business the coastline is our lifeline, and we need to protect it for the generations to come. We believe that people and places can inspire, educate, and influence behaviours. We want the boatfolk community to have a positive impact on the marine environment (and the planet) and we know that this change must happen soon.”


Angus Johnston, Head of Brand and Co-founder of Ecoworks marine, comments:

“Promoting environmental responsibility within the Marine Industry is a part of Ecoworks Marine. We are keen to work with Cleaner marina to help promote best practice and work with marinas and berth holders to maintain and encourage healthy port and marina environments.”



On supporting Cleaner marina, David Cusworth, Community Partnership Manager of savvy navvy comments:

“The water is our playground and it’s essential we preserve it so future generations to come can enjoy it as much as we do. Here at savvy navvy we work to break down the barriers that prevent people from getting into boating by helping people get out on the water with confidence. We also want to do our part to ensure we educate to protect our waters and leave them in the same, if not better, condition than we found it.”






For more information about boatfolk visit www.boatfolk.co.uk

For more information about Clean Sailors, visit www.cleansailors.com

For more information about Finsulate visit www.finsulate.com/nl/

For more information about Ecoworks marine visit www.ecoworksmarine.com

For more information about savvy navvy visit www.savvy-navvy.com

For more information about The SeaCleaners visit www.theseacleaners.org

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