About Cleaner Marina

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As gateways to our adventures on water, our marinas, ports and harbours play an incredibly important role in keeping our waters clean. 

They are our meeting places, safe-havens and our pit-stops, the beginning of our adventures and where they safely end.

They are the same, too, for many creatures and species above and beneath the waterline, creatures which play an intrinsic role in the health of our whole planet. 

As gateways to our oceans and waterways, we support marinas as guardians of cleaner, healthier seas.

We've been inspired by many marinas around the world and want to champion them and others in the same.

Come join the #cleanermarina movement


Who we are 

Initiated by Clean Sailors and with the support of marine industry partners, our Cleaner Marina movement inspires better, cleaner practices across marinas, ports and harbours, globally, encouraging and creating a community of future-defining actors, committed to safeguarding the health of our waters.


Our Partners

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