Our Partners

We are committed to championing and inspiring marinas, ports and harbours as gateways to and guardians of our waters.

Through implementing best-practices, striving for cleaner standards and by safeguarding our marine ecosystems, we, as a coalition for cleaner seas, help safeguard our waters for generations to come. 


Clean Sailors


Clean Sailors logo


Clean Sailors is a not-for-profit, mobilising the global sailing community in conservation of our oceans. Launched in July 2020, Clean Sailors' mission is to set a new standard of sailing within our global sailing community: clean sailing, by raising awareness of ocean conservation opportunities within our sport, our passion, our pastime.

The Crew's aim is to make an ocean ambassador of each and every sailor around the world. Work includes campaigning for legislation to better protect our ocean, education, advice and outreach on conservation opportunities within the sailing and marine communities and sharing scientific research on issues facing our global waters.

Clean Sailors counts the Henri-Lloyd, the Ocean Cruising Club, British Marine, Finsulate and Sail & Explore Association, amongst its early supporters.




Boatfolk logo


Boatfolk aims to create great places for everyone that wants to be in, on, under or by the water. With 11 marinas in beautiful locations around the UK, it’s easy to have fun afloat. Our waterside destinations are more than just a place to berth your boat. They are a place to enjoy it in new ways. Some want bigger boats, some want small sailing boats, but many just want the opportunity to get involved, get out on the water, and give it a try — no strings (or ropes) attached. 

Through our platform for change, Coastline Deadline, we are focused on marine wildlife, ocean plastics, clean water and renewable energy. We’re doing what we can to minimise our environmental impact and helping our community make positive changes too. 



Ecoworks Marine

Ecoworks marine logo

Ecoworks Marine are championing the sustainable revolution in marine cleaning. Founded in 2015, this U.K. brand has a rapid growing number of yachts around the world choosing to use its range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

The brand offers effective cleaning solutions for interior yacht cleaning, exterior yacht cleaning and engine rooms - a compact range of 15 cleaning products. From all-surface cleaner to laundry liquid, from teak cleaner to engine cleaner. 




Finsulate logo


Finsulate provides an biocide-free antifoul solution, helping to keep our waters chemical and microplastic free. Based in the Netherlands, Finsulate was founded by Dr. Rik Breur, European Inventor of the Year, 2019.




Harba logo


Founded in 2015, Harba is an innovation-driven Danish company digitalising and connecting the world’s marinas and boaters.
The company has developed an award-winning mobile app for boaters – HarbaApp, a simple to use marina management software for harbour masters – HarbaMaster as well as various IoT hardware solutions to support both.

Harba has a mission to make boating and running marinas a breeze.


MDL Marinas


MDL Marinas logo


MDL Marinas is a UK-based marina group, owning and operating 18 marinas across the UK and one in Spain, with a legacy of over 45 years of operation within the sector. MDL Marinas has recently launched its Green Strategy, detailing its commitment to environment and sustainability topics including solar energy, waste management and recycling and electric vehicle charging points.


Ocean Cruising Club

Ocean Cruising Club logo

The Ocean Cruising Club was founded in 1954 to promote long-distance cruising in all it's forms. A club without a clubhouse, the OCC has over 3000 members in over 80 countries countries around the world, bound together by a common achievement of a 1,000 mile non-stop sailing passage. 



savvy navvy

savvy navvy logo

savvy navvy is an easy to use boating app, built by experienced mariners, with essential marine information, in one place. Tidal graphs, full weather routing, weather forecasts, automatically updated chart data, routing, GPS tracking, marina information (and more) at the touch of a button. One subscription, one app, multiple devices.



The SeaCleaners

The SeaCleaners logo

Created in 2016 by the French-Swiss navigator and explorer Yvan Bourgnon, the NGO The SeaCleaners acts against plastic pollution, both at sea and on land, through corrective and preventive missions. As an observer member of the United Nations Environment Programme and supported by the Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the CCI France International network, The SeaCleaners has set itself objectives that revolve around four areas:

  • The protection of the environment with the collection of floating waste and the collection of waste on land with our teams of volunteers ;
  • Education and pedagogy, with the development of awareness-raising activities for the populations affected, the general public and decision-makers;
  • Scientific research;
  • Promotion of the transition to a circular economy.

In particular, The SeaCleaners is developing a pioneering solution for the collection and recovery of floating plastic macro-waste: the Manta, a groundbreaking vessel equipped with an onboard plant, which will be launched in 2024. This giant of the seas will be the first deep-sea vessel capable of collecting and mass processing floating oceanic waste before it fragments and enters the marine ecosystem on a long-term basis.